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Specialty handtraced patterns for Women and Little Girls.

Beautiful, hand-designed dresses

About Sunshine Treasures

Operating Since 2019

I have always loved paper and I love to sew. And I love to dream and create things. I usually have many more ideas than I can put into action!

I started this pattern shop to help busy mothers with their fast-growing girls. You know the awkward stage where a little girl pattern doesn’t work, and a women’s pattern doesn’t work either! I overheard a comment from one mother that she wished for little girl’s patterns, and I decided to pursue pattern making.

I started with the basic pattern for little girls and big girls and soon I got asked if I had women’s patterns. And from then on, the business grew, and I have women’s and girl’s patterns in several different styles.
I believe every Mother should have the joy of cutting out dresses for her girl’s and sew them with minimal stress! So, I am here to help you!

I create all the styles from my basic pattern, in a little shed in my backyard.
In the year of 2020, I changed over to printing patterns on paper. It has made the workload a lot less and more enjoyable and I can get the patterns in the mail a lot sooner.

Women's Dress Patterns

Shop my collection of beautiful dress patterns for Women.

Girl's Dress Patterns

Shop my collection of beautiful dress patterns for Girls.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the women’s sizes and the girl’s sizes?
Women’s sizes are wider through the shoulders, and they have a longer bodice. Check out both sizes, your daughter might be able to use a women’s instead of a girl’s.
How do I measure myself? Are these body measurements or dress measurements?
The shoulders you measure on a dress. From one sleeve seam clear across the back to the next sleeve seam.

For the hips you measure around your body about 9-10 inches down from your waist. Or measure around the biggest part of your hips.

For the bust, simply measure around the biggest part of your bust.

Which women’s sizes and girl’s sizes are comparable?
The women’s size 6 will compare with the girl’s size 9 around the bust but will have wider shoulders and a longer bodice. Women’s size 8, with girl’s size 10, women’s size 10 – girl’s size 12, women’s 12 and girl’s 14.
Would you make me a pattern to fit me if I send you measurements?
I have done custom patterns before, but it does take a lot longer and it will cost more. So, for now I don’t custom make patterns. I will be happy to help you choose a size with your measurements if you want to message me. And I can give you suggestions on where to add on or trim off if needed.
What pattern should I get if I don’t fit into any of the size categories?
I would first focus on the shoulder and bust measurement. If you have narrow shoulders and a larger bra cup size, then I would probably opt to get the correct shoulder size, and you can add on to the bust.

If your shoulder measurement is wide and the bust size narrow, I would probably choose the correct bust size, you can always add on to the shoulders or chances are the shoulders will fit as they are.

How soon will my patterns ship?

I usually try to get your orders out in 1-2 days if everything goes ok.

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